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Advanced sensing solutions harnessing the power of light


Luna (Micron Optics)

Luna's Hyperion Interrogators, Tunable Filters and Swept Lasers -

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Distributed Sensing Instruments -

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Fibre Optic Sensors

Fibre optic sensors, packaged and bare FBGs, strain, temperature, accelerometers etc. - for more details please click here.

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Sengenia was founded over a decade ago and is solely focused on bringing innovative sensing solutions to a wide range of sectors. 

In partnership with Micron Optics, Sengenia has been offering the very latest state-of-the-art fibre sensing solutions since 2007, this has recently been expanded with the acquisition of Micron Optics by Luna Technologies. We are delighted to be able to offer their distributed sensing instruments and sensors as part of our portfolio. 

Sengenia's team brings together decades of industrial and academic expertise, across a range of sectors but all with a focus on fibre optic sensing. 

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Luna Technologies have collated a wealth of resources around Hyperion / FBG technology and the ODiSI Distributed Sensing technology.

  • Data sheets

  • User guides

  • Application notes

  • Case studies

  • And so much more... 


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